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Pink Hemimorphite Tower 粉紅異極礦柱

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異極礦是一種生長獨特的礦物,其形狀一邊呈三角尖狀,另一邊則是鈍或平面。而它的希臘原名亦能夠將此特徵反映出來,’hemi ‘和’morph’,分別是「一半」和「形狀」的意思,象徵著兩邊非常不同的極端形態。





  • 改善溝通能力和交際能力
  • 可柔潤心靈和帶來愉悅
  • 提高了解自己想法的能力
  • 有助腦海清晰思維,作出正確決定
  • 有平衡及帶來和諧氣場的作用

Dimensions: L:3.1cm x W2.7:cm x H:8cm

Pink Hemimorphite Tower

Hemimorphite has a unique shape with one end usually being blunt and the other end pointed. Its name is derived from the Greek words ‘hemi’ which means half and ‘morph’ which means shape hence outlining its unique shape character. Hemimorphite comprises of water and zinc silicate and is usually mined from zinc ores. There are many different types of color for Hemimorphite ranging from clear to yellow and blue to green. In particular this pink color is rare for Hemimorphite, and the dashes of white frost make it a very beautiful collector’s stone usually used for jewelry or home décor.

Hemimorphite is a stone of compassion and empathy. It is usually associated with the throat and third eye chakra and can help open, clear, and energize these chakras. It helps facilitate communication and self-development making it a great stone to help you achieve your highest potential. It also aids mental clarity and can improve decision making and concentration. It is also often used for meditation and can help improve your spiritual development and understanding. The pink color is also associated with joy, happiness, self-love and empathy.©HSP

Dimensions: L:3.1cm x W2.7:cm x H:8cm