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Home Stone Peace

We are founded and based in Hong Kong since 2023. We source crystals sustainably from all around the world with our trusted partners. We believe crystals help to heal our body and mind by aligning energy in your home or workplace.


Crystals can help transform our environment. This can give us different types of energy to hold our intention and to remind us of our connection with Mother Nature.


Crystals and stones help align our energy to achieve our dreams.


Crystals can provide healing, calmness and peace in your environment.

Good News!

We have good news for crystal lovers!

To let more crystal lovers enjoy our crystals, we have updated our minimum purchases for complimentary delivery:

- HK & Macau - HK$500 only

- Taiwan - HK$800 only

- Japan & Singapore - HK$2000 only

If the locations that you would like to ship is not listed here, feel free to contact us at to arrange for you.


The act of giving your attention to only one thing, as a way of becoming calm and relaxed.