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Obsidian is formed from volcanic eruptions by magma after it has cooled. The lava cools so rapidly that there is not enough time for crystals to be formed. Pure Obsidian is usually black although the colors depend on whether there are impurities. It can be found all over the world and regardless whether it has been cut or polished it has the lustre of glass. It is durable and is also a powerful defense crystal to ward off evil spirits. It can aid you in dealing with difficult situations, make you grounded, reflect on yourself and improve your self-control. ©HSP

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Obsidian Pyramid 黑曜石金字塔Obsidian Pyramid 黑曜石金字塔
Sold outObsidian Pyramid 黑曜石金字塔Obsidian Pyramid 黑曜石金字塔
Sold outHokkaido Mahogany Obsidian 北海道紅十勝石擺設Hokkaido Mahogany Obsidian 北海道紅十勝石擺設