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About HSP

Crystals are minerals that comprise of energy. When we interact with crystals, they are able to provide us with different energies, they can help balance out our thoughts and also act as amplifiers and transmitters of motivation, patience, love, enthusiasm, creativity and connectivity, helping us with well-being as well as enhancing our home and work environment with both protection and energy.

Dating back to the ancient times, Sumerians used crystals for spiritual purity, meditation and perfection. Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks used crystals for practice and decorations because of their metaphysical properties. Crystals have been perceived by different people throughout human history as having many powers and hence people all over the world are still fascinated with them today. We are no exception.

Using crystals has played an important part in our lives. After a hectic day at work we go home to relax. By using crystals, it helps balance and heal our minds as well as reset the connectivity between the body and soul. At Home Stone Peace (H.S.P) we believe the power of crystals in our everyday lives helps relieve us from day to day stress, calm emotions, relax, improve focus as well as reduce anxiety and improve health and mental well-being.

The establishment of Home Stone Peace has taken time to ensure our unique branding and design. We have made refinements to make the website more user friendly and thrilled to finally have our site launched.  We hope you will also enjoy our site and we are happy to receive any further feedback so that we can continue to further improve our website.

Here at H.S.P we hope to introduce our range of crystal collections to you so that you can enjoy these wonderful collections and feel their ambience, presence, texture and radiance which can help bring your home and workplace a sense of peace and calmness everyday. 


Home Stone Peace 由成立到面世所花的時間比預期長,我們由名稱、品牌設計、貨源、包裝等等步驟,都經過反覆試驗和修改,要認真做好一件事,過程真的相當不容易,需要學習和改善的地方還有許多。