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Crystal Shapes



Besides crystals coming in all sorts of different colors, the shape of a crystal also brings different meanings and energies to the crystal.  Some of which are summarized below:

水晶簇 Clusters


Clusters have natural formations and are good for bringing unity together to a certain space.  It is a natural crystal used for people to bond together, create a community, and promote interaction within that community.

六菱柱 Towers


Tower shapes emit very focused and direct energy upwards.  They also help affect the areas around them and any other crystals that are close by.

金字塔 Pyramids


Pyramids have a strong base which acts as the anchor for your desires or intentions.  The apex at the top is said to help send your desires or intentions into the sky or universe.

球體 Spheres


Spheres are circular which means greater connections to the energy in your surroundings as it flows around and around.

蛋型 Eggs


Egg shapes are related to birth, creation, and fertility.  It invites new energy into our space and provides new beginnings for journeys.

心型 Hearts


Hearts help activate and radiate strong love energy.  Meditating with this shape can help fill your heart with love so that you can share with all those around you.

五芒星型 Pentagrams


Pentagrams can activate purifying energy surrounding as each point represents one of the five elements of Earth.  This shape is also good for protection, luck, harmony and warding off evil spirits.