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Silver Rutilated Quartz Sphere 巴西銀髮水晶球

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銀髮水晶是其中一種十分罕有的水晶, 它象徵著權威和強大內在力量。希臘傳說中宙斯和阿爾克墨涅誕下了兒子海格力斯,宙斯預言這個兒子將來必成大器,於是宙斯便將自己和眾神的髮絲,放入水晶之中製成頸鏈,讓海格力斯當成護身符佩戴著,使他得到保護和力量,「大力神」海格力斯長大後果然成為希臘神話中其中一個最有名的英雄人物,並且得到永生。





  • 令人充滿自信心和勇氣
  • 防禦小人攻擊,受到保護
  • 開發智慧和視野
  • 發出權威性,成為領導或加強領導地位
  • 有改善財運的能力

Diameter: 2.9cm


Brazilian Silver Rutilated Quartz Sphere

Sometimes referred to as 'Angel Hair', the Silver Rutilated Quartz can help with vitality and is good for meditation or when you want to aspire to certain goals or dreams. 

The stone is a combination of quartz and rutile making it quite unique. In Greek mythology, the god Zeus and Alcmene gave birth to Hercules. Zeus predicted that Hercules would become a great man in the future and thus put a strand of his hair and the other gods' hair into the crystal and then made a necklace. Hercules wore this as an amulet giving him protection and strength and eventually granting him immortality. The strands of rutile within the quartz represent antennas for receiving positive energy and are representative of hope, strength and authority. The rutilated quartz will attract and enhance your mental energy and give positive vibes making it a popular stone used for meditation. It is also good for leaders or people who are seeking to be leaders and will give prosperity and allows them to avoid harmful gossip and attacks. ©HSP

Diameter: 2.9cm

Complimentary stand will be included.

Silver Rutilated Quartz Sphere 巴西銀髮水晶球
Silver Rutilated Quartz Sphere 巴西銀髮水晶球 Sale priceHK$1,520.00