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Agate Geode Heart 瑪瑙心

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  • 靈性強大,驅走邪氣和負能量
  • 增強安全感
  • 促進血液循環,美顏養生
  • 增強人緣運
  • 消除繃緊情緒,放鬆心靈


Agate Geode Heart 

Agate is said to be associated with good luck, abundance, and longevity. These stones can be found in many different colors and styles with each having different properties that are dependent on their color. Agates are formed from the composition of quartz and chalcedony and can be found all over the world. Agate also provides healing and grounding to chakras. 

These stones help balance energy, strengthen creativity and intellect and are also known as stones of harmony and help relieve stress and strain. ©HSP

Complimentary stand will be included.