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Amethyst Agate Tower 紫水晶瑪瑙柱

Sale priceHK$510.00

紫水晶被灌以「平衡之石」Stone of Balance的稱號。


  • 安神
  • 刺激思考,提高靈性
  • 帶來商機
  • 加強個人氣質,改善人際關係
  • 招來財運
  • 改善睡眠質素




  • 靈性強大,驅走邪氣和負能量
  • 增強安全感
  • 促進血液循環,美顏養生
  • 增強人緣運
  • 消除繃緊情緒,放鬆心靈

Amethyst Agate Tower 

Amethyst beauty and power has been popular throughout history and has been used to help ease stress and tension as well as strengthen the mind to improve thinking, imagination and intuition. It is a popular stone often linked to prosperity and abundance and is often sought out by business entrepreneurs and people involved with sales related work. They can be found in many different parts of the world and there are many types of shapes and sizes. They are also known to help soothe people, animals and plants and also aid in restoring the energies of other overworked crystals. 

This amethyst agate tower has a combination of the physical properties of both amethyst and agate. It provides healing, stress relief and balance. This tower would make a great decorative piece for any home or office ©HSP