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Amethyst Geode 紫水晶洞

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紫水晶的英文名稱Amethyst來自於一個古希臘傳說,相傳經常喝醉酒的酒神戴歐尼修斯Dionysus惡作劇推跌一名美麗的少女阿美斯特Amethyst,素來與酒神不和的月亮女神阿爾泰美斯Artemis看見了,月亮女神為了保護少女而將少女變成一個美麗的雕像。後來戴歐尼修斯懊悔不已,把手上的葡萄酒灑上雕像上,雕像便漸漸變成了美麗的紫水晶。Amethyst(Amethystos)成為紫水晶的名稱,有「不醉」的意思。而古希臘人亦相信使用紫水晶製成的酒杯喝酒可以避免喝醉。 ©HSP




  • 改善氣場,安神鎮靜
  • 激活思考,提升創意力
  • 帶來商機,招來財運
  • 加強個人氣質和人際關係
  • 改善睡眠質素
  • 有助擁有者與內在靈性連結,適合喜歡進行冥想的人士

Dimensions: L:19cm x W:7cm x H:12.5cm

Amethyst Geode 

Amethyst beauty and power has been popular throughout history and has been used to help ease stress and tension as well as strengthen the mind to improve thinking, imagination and intuition. It is a popular stone often linked to prosperity and abundance and is often sought out by business entrepreneurs and people involved with sales related work. They can be found in many different parts of the world and there are many types of shapes and sizes. They are also known to help soothe people, animals and plants and also aid in restoring the energies of other overworked crystals. 

If you need balance and reason or just calmness in situations the purple Amethyst is your crystal of the day so that you can take things at your own pace and have invigorating thoughts. The purple amethyst is considered a stone of balance, the all-healer and anti-stress stone. This amethyst geode will look amazing in your office or at home. ©HSP

Dimensions: L:19cm x W:7cm x H:12.5cm

    Amethyst Geode 紫水晶洞
    Amethyst Geode 紫水晶洞 Sale priceHK$2,550.00