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Argentinian Rhodochrosite Slab 阿根廷紅紋石 (菱錳礦)

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  • 增強自信心和自我價值
  • 減低憂鬱和人際關係冷感,促進人緣運和使家庭融洽
  • 加強同理心和變得容易寬恕別人
  • 對應的心輪掌管胸腺,配合運動,有助改善血液循環和心肺健康
  • 療癒情感傷痛,改善固執思想,穩定情緒


Dimensions: L:9cm x W:5.5cm x H:0.6cm

Argentinian Rhodochrosite Slab

Rhodochrosite has a pinkish hue color and is a stone for healing and love. It is the national gemstone of Argentina and also known as the "Stone of Love". By improving the heart chakra this stone can make people more selfless, awake self-love and love for for others. It can also help improve blood circulation and cardio health. It also is considered to have the effect of significantly improving people's luck. The stone is ruled by Venus and is helpful for children that have just started a new schools or colleges so that they can find it easy to settle in and meet new friends. It is also known as the calling back crystal and can help you find lost friends or contacts. Placing this rhodochrosite slab at home can help the family get along more harmoniously. It can also allow you to open your heart to the possibility of friendship and love, heal emotional pain and stabilize emotions. ©HSP

Dimensions: L:9cm x W:5.5cm x H:0.6cm

Remarks: Rhodochrosite is not susceptible to long-term exposure to moisture and strong sunlight.  Doing so may alter its color.

Complimentary stand will be included.

Argentinian Rhodochrosite Slab 阿根廷紅紋石 (菱錳礦)
Argentinian Rhodochrosite Slab 阿根廷紅紋石 (菱錳礦) Sale priceHK$510.00