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Blue Aragonite Cluster 藍霰石

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  • 促進溝通能力
  • 打開封閉思想,接受別人好意
  • 加強自信心和同理心
  • 面對傷痛,加速療癒
  • 帶來藍天一樣的正能量
  • 改善睡眠質素

Dimension: L:10.4cm x W:5.7cm x H:5.4cm

Blue Aragonite Cluster

Aragonite provides more harmonious ways of living and working and is a useful stone for stressful environments. It is most commonly blue in color but also can be found in other colors such as brown and green. This makes it a popular choice amongst crystal collectors. 

Blue aragonite is a very popular stone because of its natural beautiful and calming sky-blue colour, due to its popularity it is always shaped into tumbles or beads and used in jewellery. It is mainly found in Austria and China.

Blue Aragonite stone resonates with our Third-eye Chakra, Throat Chakra and Heart Chakra.

It helps the owner to relive negative energies such as anger, stress or fears. If you feel stemmed to express yourself, burdened and you feel like holding up your emotions because of the past trauma or hurtful memories from childhood, this stone can help you to discover new perspectives and acquire clarity from life and encourages you to embrace new chapters with an open-heart. You will also become more open to others by showing more compassion and empathy and you will notice these changes by becoming more caring and talking more kindly to others. It also helps improve communication and the power of speech. It is a great stone for people who need to prepare for public speaking, meeting facilitators or sales presentations or pitches. It will make you become more attractive and speak confidently.

It also helps to improve the quality of sleep, especially suitable for perfectionists who are always under pressure and stressed to let-go of mistakes. By using this stone, you will become more forgivable and embrace new methodologies. This Aragonite cluster has a beautiful aqua blue ocean color. ©HSP

Dimension: L:10.4cm x W:5.7cm x H:5.4cm

Blue Aragonite Cluster 藍霰石
Blue Aragonite Cluster 藍霰石 Sale priceHK$700.00