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Blue Kyanite Cluster 藍晶石原石塊

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  • 促進溝通能力和使人變得開朗
  • 提高覺知,自省和改善自我
  • 令人以高角度思考問題,解決困局
  • 改善靈性
  • 加強創意力,開拓出新思維


Dimensions: L:11.7cm x W:7.9cm x H:3cm

Blue Kyanite Cluster

The name of Kyanite comes from the ancient Greek word, κύανος, it means ‘Dark Blue’ in English. It is an Aluminium Silicate mineral. Its crystallisation typically forms either in a bladed-shape or spray-fan-shape.

Kyanite is usually blue but may also come in different colors such as grey, orange, green, white, yellow or pink. Kyanite can help in negotiations, communications and calms the emotions as well as reduces stress and frustration. It is also famous for its healing properties such as relieving pain and reducing the chances of infection.

Blue Kyanite is a wonderful stone and is often used for meditation. It connects our Throat charka and Crown charka, encouraging the owner to conquer fear and unblock the stem in their throat, and speak their mind in front of people. It is not a people-pleasing stone, you will see things from a holistic view, become more open-minded and think out-of-the box more. You will seek the truth and speak the truth which will help achieve a higher purpose during conversations with people.

Some may place Kyanite near the bed and let the universe send its messages to you through dreams. It is suitable for public speakers and mediators and creative artists. Blue kyanite is usually fragile and should be kept away from water. This blue kyanite cluster is in a natural beautiful shape and can be placed on your desk or in your bedroom.  ©HSP

*Please note that kyanite cluster is fragile and susceptible to flaking. Keep away from water or pressing.

Dimensions: L:11.7cm x W:7.9cm x H:3cm

Blue Kyanite Cluster 藍晶石原石塊
Blue Kyanite Cluster 藍晶石原石塊 Sale priceHK$460.00