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Bolivian Ametrine Faceted Heart 玻利維亞立體切割紫黃晶心

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  • 開發智慧,提升記憶力和想像力
  • 加強個人氣場和吸引力
  • 打開話題,有促進人際關係,改善人緣運的效果
  • 吸引財富和機會
  • 增強擁有者自信心和正能量


Bolivian Ametrine Faceted Heart 

Ametrine is a form of quartz that is mixed together with amethyst and citrine and originates from the mining area of Bolivia in South America. Due to the natural geothermal heat, the color of the amethyst has tints of yellow mixed with purple. It is considered a rather rare crystal type in the world. 

Because of its unique combination of amethyst and citrine, ametrine is believed to have the ability to balance Yin and Yang and acts as a stone of balance. Amethyst is known for its calmness and clarity of energy. It can help to balance our emotions and bring our mind back to peace and clarity. While Citrine is a stone representing power of sun and symbolises a warm and rich life. It is a great crystal to manifest for wealth and abundance. 

Both facets of the crystal (Amethyst & Citrine) can help to boost up positive energy of the owner and surroundings and sweep negative energy away. If you like a mixture of amethyst and citrine this stone is definitely for you!

At HSP we distinctively selected the ametrine faceted heart shape, it is compact and portable for taking on trips. ©HSP

Remarks: Small HSP carry bag is included.