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Brazilian Bronze Rutilated Quartz Free Form 巴西金銅髮晶隨形

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  • 強大改善財運的能力
  • 提升自信心和勇氣
  • 防禦是非小人攻擊
  • 有助血氣運行,改善女性健康
  • 提升領導地位

Dimensions: L:4.9cm x W:3.8cm x H:1.8cm

Brazilian Bronze Rutilated Quartz Free Form

Rutilated Quartz is a stone with needles of rutile surrounded by clear quartz. This quartz is distinctively beautiful and is filled with bronze rutile needles.

This quartz corresponds to the root chakra and long term exposure can help improve the blood flow for women and strengthen the health of bones and lower body organs.

It can help restore balance at home by protecting against negative energy and can help cleanse and energize the aura of the owner. It can also help to improve indecisiveness and help enhance the owner's decision making. This may lead to enhanced communication and team cohesiveness which may lead to more career development opportunities.

In Greek mythology, the god Zeus and Alcmene gave birth to Hercules. Zeus predicted that Hercules would become a great man in the future and thus put a strand of his hair and the other gods' hair into the crystal and then made a necklace. Hercules wore this as an amulet giving him protection and strength and eventually granting him immortality. The strands of rutile within the quartz represent antennas for receiving positive energy and are representative of hope, strength and authority. 

The rutilated quartz will attract and enhance your mental energy and give positive vibes making it a popular stone used for meditation. It is also good for leaders or people who are seeking to be leaders and will give prosperity and allows them to avoid harmful gossip and attacks. ©HSP

Dimensions: L:4.9cm x W:3.8cm x H:1.8cm