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Brazilian Sirius Quartz 巴西天狼星水晶簇

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Dimensions: L:8.3cm x W:5.2cm x H:3.1cm


Brazilian Sirius Quartz

This special crystal quartz is named after the Sirius star which is also otherwise known as the brightest star. The word ‘Sirius’ is derived from a Greek word which means scorching or glowing. Sirius has always been a popular topic of discussion amongst Ancient Greeks and astronomers due to its unique light and radiance strength, a star that is known to be even brighter than the sun.

The Sirius quartz crystal has a gleaming brightness and an extremely high frequency which is prominent among clear crystals. The mysterious star prints also known as ‘etches’ on the surface of the crystal are considered to be proof of stored memories. Sirius crystals have a powerful and stable energy and resonate with all chakras, it can help block out negative energies or evil intentions. When you have unstable thoughts or your mood is relatively low, this crystal can help stabilize your mind and heal any pain. It is also used for meditation and can help improve your spirituality and help your inner self connect more with the external world. This helps with relationships and understanding more on the meaning of your life journey as we strive to continuously learn and adapt to new things.

Sirius crystals are often sought out by collectors due to its high quality, functionality, and rareness. We hope you enjoy our Sirius Quartz collection. ©HSP

Dimensions: L:8.3cm x W:5.2cm x H:3.1cm

A complimentary clear stand will be included.

Brazilian Sirius Quartz 巴西天狼星水晶簇
Brazilian Sirius Quartz 巴西天狼星水晶簇 Sale priceHK$690.00