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Calcite Hedgehog 方解石小刺蝟

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Calcite Hedgehog

Calcite is an empowering stone and is available in a variety of colors each with specific properties. They can be found in most parts of the world often mixed with other types of stones. Calcite can absorb negative energy that an owner has brought in or remove negative emotional energy generated by owners. It also helps remove stagnant energy from the room and can help cleanse the owners of laziness with its unique energy. It can be also placed in the office or on a study table to improve your concentration and can help you work more efficiently. 

These lovely calcite hedgehog head shapes are cute and a great addition to your crystals inventory. They brighten up the surroundings and go well as decorations in the home or even in a playroom. ©HSP

*Please note that angel wing calcite is fragile and susceptible to flaking. Keep away from water. Other crystals shown in the photo are not included.