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Carnelian Tower 紅玉髓柱

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此外,紅玉髓亦對改善人際關係有重要幫助,它的能量可以減低人與人之間的妒忌和敵意,可以緩和緊張氣氛。將它放置睡房中,亦有增進伴侶間的歡愉和親密感的作用。 ©HSP


  • 提升勇氣和自信心,有助於面對日常生活和工作上的挑戰和恐懼
  • 為人帶來滿滿的正能量,增強工作效率和領導力
  • 可促進新陳代謝,改善血液循環、生殖和免疫力系統
  • 有助減輕人與人之間的敵意,改善人際關係
  • 激發好奇心和創造力,有利於發掘新興趣和創作

Dimension: L:3.8cm x W:3cm x H:11.7cm

Carnelian Tower 

Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony, which is in the quartz family. Carnelian represents vitality, self-assurance and creativity. It is a stone of the sacral chakra and gives a sense of courage, will-power and benefits people to help overcome blockages in jobs, assignments, businesses and projects. It is also known as the singer’s stone and is a confidence-inspiring stone with the power of expression and creativity making it a popular stone with performers. It is often found in colors ranging from brown to orange to red. 

The orange carnelian is excellent for fertility and self-confidence. It can help you discover new interests and friends and can help you shine on dates, at work or on special occasions. This orange carnelian tower is beautifully polished and suitable to blend in to the decor of your home or office. Keep one on your desk to help you maintain energy throughout the day.©HSP

Dimension: L:3.8cm x W:3cm x H:11.7cm

Carnelian Tower 紅玉髓柱
Carnelian Tower 紅玉髓柱 Sale priceHK$330.00