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Celestite 天青石

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質素較佳的天青石擁有清透的淺藍色,因為其澄淨和高雅的顏色,從古希臘到現今,都經常被製成飾物或雕刻品之用。而它的拉丁文名稱帶有「天堂般」、「天空」的意思,事實上,天青石被認為是一種充滿啟蒙性,並且有助連結到天使的礦石,能夠為使用者帶來最純淨和最高等的氣場之中,使人感到安穩和重新注入正能量。 當感到身心疲倦,可手握天青石作冥想之用,消除腦海中的雜亂的思緒,釋除壓力,重啟寧靜的心靈。亦都因為它強大的療癒力,有助提升睡眠質素,適合睡不穩的人士。



  • 改善溝通能力和人與人之間的和諧度
  • 有助靈性的啟發,感受天使的力量
  • 消除壓力,可令人放鬆崩緊情緒
  • 改善睡眠質素

Celestite 天青石

Celestite is a Strontium Sulfate mineral often characterized by its pale blue color. It also comes in different colors such as green, yellow and even clear shades. It was discovered in the 1700’s and its roots come from the Latin word ‘coelestis’ which means ‘celestial and heavenly’.

Blue colored Celestite is most popular with collectors due to its genuine color and appearance which is often noted as a stone made by angels. It is often used for mediation and helps strengthen the third eye chakra. By strengthening the third eye chakra it can help elevate wisdom and understanding. During meditation celestite can help provide high vibrational energy making you feel more focused, energized and optimistic. It is also often used for spiritual and angelic realm communication and provides a gentle powerful energy. Some people also like to put this crystal in the bedroom to use it for aiding with deep sleep and remembering your dreams. These beautiful Celestites look great in the home and would blend in with most aspects of the household.©HSP