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Clear Quartz Tower 白水晶柱

Sale priceHK$540.00

白水晶是世界上其中一種最通用而且必備的水晶(Master Healer)。



同時,因為它著名的淨化功能,它經常會被放置於其他水晶的附近,以作消磁之用。   ©HSP


  • 淨化空間內負能量
  • 有癒傷效果,可安撫身心靈
  • 釋放出正能量
  • 有助靈性的成長
  • 提升集中力
  • 適合喜歡進行冥想或者壓力大的人士

Clear Quartz Tower 

There are many varieties of Quartz in the world and it is one of the most common and powerful crystals. Its beauty and versatility is simplistic and comforting. When combined with other materials such as colored crystals, rutilated quartz, citrine and others its especially adaptive and resonates closely with other stones. 

The clear crystal quartz is an all-purpose crystal which brings good fortune, energy, prosperity, joy, initiative and new beginnings to people who own this crystal. Clear crystal also helps recharge and absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and removing any energy blockages. Ancient Greeks believed that this stone was ice that was so cold it would never thaw. ©HSP