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Fire Quartz Sphere 火晶球

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  • 為擁有者帶來好運氣和繁榮
  • 對應的海底輪有助改善思想輕浮,使人腳踏實地,加強執行力
  • 提升人的熱情和積極性
  • 適合已設立目標,準備好重新出發人士

Diameter: 4cm


Fire Quartz Sphere

Fire Quartz is a type of quartz that has hematite inclusions within it. This gives it a distinct reddish-brown appearance. It is also known as Red Hematoid or Ferruginous Quartz. The red shade of Hematoid Quartz is known as the Fire Quartz and appears opaque, however after polishing the inclusions on the crystal give it a more translucent look.

Fire Quartz is associated with charging the root chakra and ignites passion. It is also known as the ‘anti stress stone’ and can help repel negative energy and provide courage and optimism to the owner. It also helps with grounding, calming anxiety, focus and concentration and is especially suited for those that have a short attention span. Since the stone can also help balance the chakras and boost the immune system it is a popular stone used for meditation and can help support a balanced flow of energy and help with manifestation.

This fire quartz sphere has beautiful inclusions of hematite making it a beautiful crystal to place in sunlight. ©HSP

Diameter: 4cm

Complimentary stand will be included.

Fire Quartz Sphere 火晶球
Fire Quartz Sphere 火晶球 Sale priceHK$320.00