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Golden Sunstone Sphere 金太陽石球

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  • 增強自信心,變得開朗
  • 化煞擋災,保平安,抵抗負面能量
  • 改善自身負面情緒,為自己和周圍的人帶來喜悅
  • 招來財運,改善事業運
  • 令人充滿熱情,勇於接受挑戰


Golden Sunstone Sphere

This golden sunstone sphere looks beautiful due to its glittering sparkling flecks. This is caused by light reflecting on the minerals within the sphere. This sunstone is a stone of happiness, passion and pleasure. It also can activate leadership skills and work success. Golden sunstone is also popular in China because of its protection ability, it can help block out negative energy and prevent gossip from others. It is also associated with fortune, wealth and abundance. ©HSP

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