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Green Sugar Coated Fluorite Cluster 砂糖螢石原石

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  • 幫助整理雜亂思緒
  • 改善集中力
  • 提升自信心
  • 消除疲勞,有助恢復體力
  • 防止負能量入侵
  • 改善呼吸系統和喉部健康
  • 消除濁氣

Green Sugar Coated Fluorite Cluster 

Fluorite was discovered back in the 1530s by a German scientist and is a form of calcium fluoride. The name comes from the Latin word 'flux' which means 'flow interchangeably'. It belongs to the halide minerals and is crystallized and formed as a cube-like structure.  It's considered to be one of the most colorful minerals in the world and comes in a vast array of colors such as green, blue, black, purple, yellow, red and many more which makes them a great decoration for the home or work place. Green, purple and blue fluorite are some of the more popular color types and are usually loved by crystal lovers. 

This Green Sugar Coated Fluorite Cluster will help balance and stabilize energies, calming and enhancing creativity. Green fluorite is associated with the heart and crown chakra and it provides cleansing energy to help purify the body, mind and soul.

This Fluorite cluster would accommodate many pieces of furniture and look great anywhere. During busy days when you have cluttered thoughts and lack of self-confidence, placing green fluorite in your room can help bring a sense of peace and calm into your room. It helps to unblock stagnant energy and promote energy flow. Placing it on your desk can also help improve concentration and creativity. ©HSP