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Madagascar Emerald Phantom Cluster 馬達加斯加翠幽靈晶簇

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  • 有改善財運的能力
  • 為擁有者增強人緣和改善事業運
  • 有助安撫焦慮心情,減輕壓力
  • 療癒過去傷痛片段
  • 有驅走負能量的功效

Dimensions: L:3.7cm x W:2.8cm x H:1.7cm

Madagascar Emerald Phantom Cluster 

Phantom Quartz can be found in different colors such as red, green, brown and grey. This emerald phantom quartz is an emerald greenish color that blends in with the clear quartz and gives it an appearance of one type of color overshadowing and haunting the other color. This is a very rare crystal and recently the supply is limited.

This crystal is used as a healing stone for resolving past issues or trauma and can also help lead you to connect with your surroundings and find clarity and promote enthusiasm for life. It is also known for improving financial luck, career luck and improving popularity. The clear quartz component is beautifully balanced and helps amplify the energy of the stone.©HSP

It is often used for meditation and can promote a protective energy within the environment.

This crystal resonates with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras and can help with intuition, mindfulness, awareness as well as improve our connections with the Earth and promote peacefulness and enlightenment. These small pieces of phantom clusters are ideal to be placed in quiet rooms either on book shelves or on study tables where you can meditate, relax and enjoy your peaceful tranquil surroundings.©HSP

 Dimensions: L:3.7cm x W:2.8cm x H:1.7cm