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Madagascar Red Mud Skeletal Quartz 馬達加斯加紅泥骸骨水晶原石

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  • 強大穩定情緒的功能
  • 提升擁有者的靈性和感知
  • 減輕​焦慮情緒
  • 加強擁有者的專注力和行動力
  • 有加快「心想事成」的效用

Madagascar Red Mud Skeletal Quartz

Skeletal Quartz is usually known for its shape and is a special form of ordinary quartz. It is also known as window quartz or Fenster quartz and forms and usually forms and crystallizes in unstable conditions. This leads to the edges growing faster than the crystal faces and hence window shapes form. There may also be other materials trapped layer by layer inside such as water or clay minerals which give it a skeleton type appearance.

This skeletal quartz is from Madagascar and has red mud inclusions on it. The surface has little windows on its face resembling a skeletal form and the red inclusions are mud that has formed within the small spaces of air within the crystal giving it a beautiful imperfect shape.

This quartz instils passion and confidence within us and is considered a master healer as it is part of the quartz family. It helps connect us to Earth and mother nature and is a powerful stone to use for meditation and healing as it is part of the quartz family. It is also known to open the crown chakra to form a stronger connection to the spirit realm. It will also dispel any negative energies and help transform them to positive energies and raise them to the highest levels. It is also known to be a crystal that can help heal broken bones and speed up your recovery from any bone damage or surgery. ©HSP