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Madagascar Red Phantom Cluster 馬達加斯加紅幽靈水晶簇

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  • 增強擁有者的自信心和魅力
  • 提升工作效率和幹勁,改善事業運
  • 加強人際關係和財運
  • 防禦負面能量和有助釋放壓力
  • 吸引財富的能力

Madagascar Red Phantom Cluster

Phantom Quartz can be found in different colors such as red, green, brown and grey. This red phantom quartz has a red scarlet color that blends in with the clear quartz and gives it an appearance of one type of color overshadowing and haunting the other color. This crystal is used as a healing stone for healing anger, hurt and can help relieve stress. It is also popular for manifesting prosperity, abundance and wealth. It can also help unleash creativity and restore vitality.

This crystal resonates with the Root and Heart Chakra and can help with focus, sense of belonging, stability, grounding, empathy, love and help with the ability to care more for yourself. These small pieces of phantom clusters are ideal to be placed in quiet rooms either on book shelves or on study tables where you can meditate, relax and enjoy your peaceful tranquil surroundings. ©HSP