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Moonstone with Stand 月亮石連座

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  • 改善急躁性格
  • 令人變得和善和體諒別人
  • 令四周空間變得和諧
  • 改善睡眠質素
  • 改善呼吸系統和喉部健康


Dimensions: L:8.7cm x W:1.9cm x H:9.6cm

Moonstone with Stand

Moonstones are one of the most beautiful gemstones and are calming crystals which have a milky translucent appearance. They belong to part of the feldspar gemstone family which includes other stones such as labradorite, sunstone etc. and often sought out by collectors for their beauty and shape. It is commonly found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar and India. It is a feminine stone and helps with calming and relaxation as well as protection for women and children.

This moonstone helps with dreams and perception and is a fantastic sleeping aid. It also has long been used as a gift for lovers and encourages hope and inspiration.  Moonstone is very suitable for friends who have a significant other, a newly wed partner or those who are planning to have children. It helps soften the soul, soothes anxious moods, helps improve patience and increase your popularity. This Moonstone would look amazing in any bedroom or resting area. Some people place moonstones in bedrooms to help relieve physical discomforts, improve sleep quality and regulate endocrine changes to help prepare for pregnancy. ©HSP

Complimentary stand will be included.

Dimensions: L:8.7cm x W:1.9cm x H:9.6cm

Moonstone with Stand 月亮石連座
Moonstone with Stand 月亮石連座 Sale priceHK$620.00