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Moss Agate Sphere 水草瑪瑙球

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  • 改善事業運,財運和有助聚財
  • 驅走邪氣和負能量
  • 改善血液循環,促進心肺和呼吸系統
  • 舒緩壓力,使人放鬆心靈


Moss Agate Sphere 

Agate is said to be associated with good luck, abundance, and longevity. These stones can be found in many different colors and styles with each having different properties that are dependent on their color. Agates are formed from the composition of quartz and chalcedony and can be found all over the world. Agate also provides healing and grounding to chakras. 

In the 18th Century farmers in Europe believed that Moss Agates could bring good harvests to the Earth. The farmers then hung agates onto the tree branches and prayed for a bountiful harvest season. Moss Agate is more popular for improving luck and financial abundance and it is suitable for those who are working in their own businesses or those that want to improve their career luck.

This beautiful Moss Agate sphere will help calm and improve well-being making it a great getaway from the day to day stress of life. ©HSP

Complimentary stand will be included.