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Natural Searles Lake Pink Halite 塞爾斯湖粉紅鹽礦

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  • 柔潤心靈,使人放鬆焦慮心情,減輕壓力
  • 擁有天使粉紅色的她有帶來美好人際關係的作用
  • 有助提高自信心和對人的包容性
  • 潔淨空氣,改善過敏

Dimension: L:8cm x W:4.2cm x H:3.8cm

Natural  Searles Lake Pink Halite

Pink Halite is used for stress relief and promoting relaxation and calmness. It is a stone also commonly used for meditation. This lovely pink Halite is from the dried salt lakes in the San Bernardino County desert which is in California. The different and unique geological conditions make it a suitable environment to help create the formation of pink halite crystals. The natural salt lake is also known for its distinct pinkish hue color. Pink Halite is associated with the solar plexus and heart chakra and is a stone of self-love. It helps awaken the heart chakra and can help attract hope and peace. The stone is fragile and brittle and needs to be handled with care. This also reminds us to be more compassionate and gentle to ourselves and others.

*Note that Halite is made up of sodium chloride, it is fragile and susceptible to flaking. Keep away from water and pressing. ©HSP

Dimension: L:8cm x W:4.2cm x H:3.8cm