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Ocean Jasper Torch 海洋碧玉火炬

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海洋碧玉自古被認為是一種能夠引導善良和耐性的晶石, 有增強對別人寬容度和增加平和感的能力。長期接觸海洋碧玉有效改善糾結和敏感的思想,減少拘泥於小事物之上,使人與人之間的關係變得和諧。此外,海洋碧玉有啟發靈感和創意力的功效,亦適合藝術家和從事創作的人士。



  • 深沉頻率,有舒緩情緒和鎮靜氣場的作用
  • 改善急躁和使人性格穩重
  • 增強同理心和親和力,改善人際關係
  • 有助引導出內在快樂和喜悅,使人容易獲得滿足感

Dimensions: L:5.9cm x 4.5cm x 8.8cm

Ocean Jasper Torch

Ocean Jasper is predominantly found in Madagascar and difficult to source. It is often found along cliff bases and can only be accessible during low tides when it is exposed. This stone is nurtured by the sea where it has absorbed the energy of sea minerals on the seabed over its time and has a various mix of patterns resembling ocean waves and colors that range from brown, red, green, pink, red, blue and yellow. It is a manifestation stone that can absorb excess energy to help with energy balance. 

Ocean Jasper is associated with the water element and represents fluidity. The stone helps bring harmony and creativity and also helps with peace and tranquility. Long term exposure can help improve sensitive and tangled thoughts, reduce obsession and make relationships more harmonious guiding inner happiness and joy. These Ocean Jasper torch shapes look prominent and look good in the home when placed on console tables, dressing tables or even bathroom sills. ©HSP

Dimensions: L:5.9cm x 4.5cm x 8.8cm