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Orange Calcite Sphere 橙方解石球

Sale priceHK$320.00



Diameter: 4.9cm


Orange Calcite Sphere

Orange Calcite resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra and Sacral Chakra. This is a very active crystal which means confident, inner-fire, self-trust, pleasure, optimistic, creativity and sexuality. It inspires you with new ideas and be creative; it also stimulates your owners’ expression of sexuality and sensual pleasure, cultivating a healthy relationship between you and your partner.

This orange calcite sphere blends in well especially within the home to help provide positive energy flows as well as balance energies and dispelling negative energies (laziness or procrastination). It also lets you approach relationships in a more confident way. ©HSP

Diameter: 4.9cm

Complimentary stand will be included.

Orange Calcite Sphere 橙方解石球
Orange Calcite Sphere 橙方解石球 Sale priceHK$320.00