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Palo Santo Set 秘魯聖木連底座套裝

Sale priceHK$200.00



Palo Santo is used to clear our negative energy and often used to treat pain such as headaches and arthritis as well as stress. Most often it can also be used to cleanse your crystal collection. By burning the Palo Santo stick the smoke is used to cleanse the crystals and purify the room. ©HSP

 This Palo Santo set contains a stand and a bag of Palo Santo (6 sticks) to contemplate.

*The Pink Calcite Sphere is not included in this set. You could find this product from our Calcite or Sphere Page.

Palo Santo Set 秘魯聖木連底座套裝
Palo Santo Set 秘魯聖木連底座套裝 Sale priceHK$200.00