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Pink Amethyst Heart 粉紅紫水晶心

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  • 療癒內心的傷痕
  • 提升自信心和個人魅力
  • 使人變得溫柔,改善人際關係
  • 抵抗負能量,提升正能量
  • 減低壓力,舒緩焦慮和緊張情緒


Dimension: L:14.4cm x W:3.4cm x H:12.6cm

Pink Amethyst Heart

Pink Amethyst associates deeper on awaking the owner’s ‘unconditional love’ to oneself or others. If you have been hurt or experienced disappointment from previous relationships (friendship, romance or families etc.) you will likely close your heart and put on your guard by expressing a more reserved and stern approach to others so that you can protect yourself from being hurt again. Over time, you may feel less support and empathy from the world and have less interest diving into new relationships or developing new hobbies.  ©HSP

By balancing the heart charka, it awakens your centre of love, reminds yourself that you are worthy for love from yourself and others. You will start to feel compassionate and have empathy to others and allow others to show their support and love for you.  It also helps you to be forgiving and kind, helps you let go of bad memories and embrace the new form of relationships that have been brought to you. It is also helpful for those looking for love and will help attract and maintain relationships.

Combining with the energy of an amethyst, the purple pink color can also help to convert negative energy into positive energy. It can also help improve your inner-security and confidence to yourself, and attract and maintain positive energies as well as provide fruitful networking to the owner. This pink amethyst heart would look good in any home surrounding and gives off a calm aura. ©HSP

Complimentary stand will be included.

Dimension: L:14.4cm x W:3.4cm x H:12.6cm

Pink Amethyst Heart 粉紅紫水晶心
Pink Amethyst Heart 粉紅紫水晶心 Sale priceHK$2,200.00