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Cherry Blossom Agate Amethyst Tower 櫻花瑪瑙紫水晶柱

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  • 增強內剛外柔力量
  • 消除自我懷疑,提升自信心
  • 變得愛惜自己
  • 改善人緣運
  • 減低壓力,舒緩心靈
  • 為整個空間帶來幸福感
  • 改善血液循環,特別是膚色和心肺 

Dimensions: L:6.6cm x W:3.5cm x H:13.3cm

Cherry Blossom Agate Amethyst Tower

Amethyst beauty and power has been popular throughout history and has been used to help ease stress and tension as well as strengthen the mind to improve thinking, imagination and intuition. It is a popular stone often linked to prosperity and abundance and is often sought out by business entrepreneurs and people involved with sales related work. They can be found in many different parts of the world and there are many types of shapes and sizes. They are also known to help soothe people, animals and plants and also aid in restoring the energies of other overworked crystals. 

This cherry blossom agate amethyst tower is a translucent pink agate crystal with beautiful pink and white colors. It is noted for representing women at different stages of their lives. It is associated with the growth of wisdom and stabilizing emotions. The strong and gentle crystal brings a sense of happiness and stability. It also helps promote blood circulation and enhances fertility.

It can help to convert negative energy into positive energy, eliminates self-doubt and enhances inner strength and outer softness. Suitable for people who are looking for love, this will help attract and maintain relationships and can also remind the owner of self-love and self-appreciation. This tower would look good in any home surrounding and gives off a calm aura. ©HSP

Dimensions: L: 6.6cm x W:3.5cm x H: 13.3cm

    Cherry Blossom Agate Amethyst Tower 櫻花瑪瑙紫水晶柱
    Cherry Blossom Agate Amethyst Tower 櫻花瑪瑙紫水晶柱 Sale priceHK$700.00