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Premium Large Himalayan Manifestation Crystal Sphere 大喜馬拉雅山晶中晶水晶球

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  • 有效為四周空間和擁有者自身消除負面能量
  • 撫平情緒,回復平靜心靈
  • 暢通人體所有脈輪,平衡各種能量
  • 改善集中力
  • 提升事業運和財運
  • 有加快心想事成的效果

Diameter: 13.1cm



Premium Himalayan Manifestation Crystal Sphere 

Himalayan Quartz is a special type of quartz found in the Himalayan mountains of Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. The crystal is rare, precious, very fragile and in most cases gathered by hand due to the inaccessibility of these crystals by machinery. The appearance of the crystal with its inclusions and pristine clarity often resemble the snowy peaks of the Himalayans from where there were sourced. We specially selected the Himalayan Quartz with high translucency and filled with beautiful rainbows.

This crystal is especially known for its high vibrational energy and clarity and transparency. It is believed to have a range of healing properties for the mind, body, and spirit. It can help promote physical healing and enhance overall well-being and importantly it can also be used to amplify the effects of other crystals and spiritual practices. One of the most powerful ways to use Himalayan quartz lies in its unique aspects as it can be used to balance all seven chakras. Holding or placing the crystal near the body can help calm the owner when under pressure and it can help enhance intuition. It can be used to help promote a sense of inner peace and harmony. Their vibrational energy is also used to stimulate the third eye chakra to help enhance psychic visionary ability, clarity, concentration, intuition and spiritual and universal connection. ©HSP

Himalayan quartz with a baby quartz within itself is a crystal that has been collected and treasured for centuries due to its beauty and rareness. ©HSP

Diameter: 13.1cm


A tailormade stand is included. The stickers on the stand can be removed.