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Purple Mica Sphere 紫雲母球

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  • 一種有助減輕壓力和緩和緊張情緒的水晶
  • 改善集中力和理解能力
  • 有助靈性層面的成長和思考
  • 提升學習效率和腦筋的靈活性
  • 更新身體的能量,排走負面能量

Diameter: 5.3cm


Purple Mica Sphere

Mica is a group of over 30 minerals. There are several different types of mica and some of the more popular types include purple lepidolite, black biotite, clear muscovite and brown phlogopite to name just a few. The different varieties of mica give each a distinct appearance but is overall known for its shimmery appearance. Mica is associated with clarity, emotional balance and spiritual connections. It can protect against negative energies and can help those struggling with emotional challenges. 

This mica sphere is a composite of purple and white shimmer and looks beautiful in the home and can help bring clarity to help your inner growth and transformation. It can help remove the distractions and allow us to focus on what is at hand. It is associated with the Third Eye and Crown chakras and is good for meditation and spirituality. Purple mica is also known for amplifying energy and help with . ©HSP

Diameter: 5.3cm

Complimentary stand will be included.

Purple Mica Sphere 紫雲母球
Purple Mica Sphere 紫雲母球 Sale priceHK$410.00