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Pyrite Cluster 黃鐵礦原石

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在古羅馬時期,人們會用它撞擊石頭而產生出「火」,因而得pyritēs lithos的名稱,即「發出火的石」的意思,它的晶體結構是立方晶系體系,因此它會以方塊狀 、顆粒狀較為常見。



  • 令人面對自我,發掘真實的一面
  • 增強自信心,提升樂觀感
  • 將負能量轉化成正能量
  • 招財
  • 改善大腦和呼吸系統的健康

    Dimensions: L:11.5cm x W:4.5cm x H:9cm

    Pyrite Cluster

    The origins of Pyrite trace back as far as 3 billion years ago and formed from rocks that were rich in organic material such as sulphur and carbon dioxide. Ancient Romans would name stones that created sparks when struck against steel ‘Pyrite’. The name is derived from the Greek word ‘pyrites lithos’. It has an appearance similar to that of gold and is often known as "fool’s gold". It is considered a powerful stone for wealth and attracting good fortune and luck. 

    Placing pyrite near a wall in an office or shop is like letting the sun enter your premises and helps cultivate the power of brightness, confidence, wealth, abundance and prosperity. Placing pyrite in your office or home will help amplify these intentions. Pyrite can also boost self-confidence and optimism, convert negative energy into positive energy, improve brain and respiratory health as well as make people face their true selves. This pyrite cluster look attractive in the home or workplace helping attract an abundance of wealth and good fortune. ©HSP

    Dimensions: L:11.5cm x W:4.5cm x H:9cm

    Pyrite Cluster 黃鐵礦原石
    Pyrite Cluster 黃鐵礦原石 Sale priceHK$490.00