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Quartz Hedgehog 白水晶小刺蝟

Sale priceHK$130.00

白水晶是世界上其中一種最通用而且必備的水晶(Master Healer)。




本店特選可愛小刺蝟,為你身處空間帶來一點活力。 ©HSP


  • 淨化空間內負能量
  • 釋放出正能量
  • 安撫身心靈
  • 提升集中力
  • 適合壓力大的人士


Dimensions: L:4.7cm x W:3.8cm x H:3.7cm

Quartz Hedgehog

There are many varieties of Quartz in the world and it is one of the most common and powerful crystals. Its beauty and versatility is simplistic and comforting.  When combined with other materials such as colored crystals, rutilated quartz, citrine and others its especially adaptive and resonates closely with other stones.

These lovely Quartz Hedgehog head shapes are cute and a great addition to your crystals inventory.  They brighten up the surroundings and go well as decorations in the home or even in a playroom.  The Quartz will provide clarity and calmness to the surroundings it is placed within. ©HSP

Remarks: Other crystals shown in the photo are not included.

Dimensions: L:4.7cm x W:3.8cm x H:3.7cm