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Rainbow Smoky Quartz Sphere 彩虹茶晶球

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  • 增強安全感和自信心
  • 改善集中力
  • 消除負面能量和思想
  • 彩虹為擁有者帶來活力和好運, 有加快顯化的作用
  • 改善焦慮,睡不穩的情況

Diameter: 5.7cm


Rainbow Smoky Quartz Sphere 

This smoky quartz free form is a variety of quartz that has a very light smoky color which is nearly a translucent tea colour. The smoky color results from natural radiation reacting with traces of aluminium in the stone. It is often known as a grounding stone due to its makeup of earths rich elements and can help clear out toxicity allowing you to be more positive. 

This smoky quartz with beautiful rainbows is a great stone for accelerating manifestation. It resonates with all of our chakras which can help break negativity, bring serenity and good fortune to the owner.

The golden healer inclusions helps amplify the smoky quartz abilities and provides strong energy for healing. It can help you accomplish goals that you wish to achieve and creates positivity, aligns the 'Yin' and 'Yang' energies, amplify your intentions, and release negative energies that you are experiencing. Golden Healer inclusions within the quartz makes it one of the most powerful stones often sought out by crystal collectors.©HSP 

Diameter: 5.7cm

Complimentary stand will be included.

Rainbow Smoky Quartz Sphere 彩虹茶晶球
Rainbow Smoky Quartz Sphere 彩虹茶晶球 Sale priceHK$780.00