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Raw Garnet 石榴石原石

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  • 增強自信心和行動力
  • 使人保持穩定,充滿生命力和熱情
  • 可用作設定成保護場,有助冥想的進行
  • 增強血液循環、免疫力的健康
  • 使愛情關係美滿

Dimensions: L:3.8cm x W:3.5cm x H:2.7cm

Raw Garnet

Garnet comes from the Latin word ‘Garanatus’ which means grain or seed-like as the shape often resembles that of pomegranate. The stone can help promote good health and provide remedies for inflammatory infections or diseases. It is associated with the Root Chakra and also provides a energizing effect on all the other Chakras in the body. ©HSP

These very dark red garnets are chunk block sizes and make it a great manifestation stone and pocket stone. The red is more reflected once you shine a bright light towards the stone. The stone is associated with giving the owner success from a business and personal level. It is also known as a mental stone and can help the owner turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. ©HSP

Dimensions: L:3.8cm x W:3.5cm x H:2.7cm