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Rose Quartz Heart 粉紅水晶心

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  • 增強個人魅力
  • 提升自信心和同理心
  • 改善人際關係
  • 療癒內心的傷痕
  • 適合壓力大的人士


Rose Quartz Heart

There are many varieties of Quartz in the world and it is one of the most common and powerful crystals. Its beauty and versatility is simplistic and comforting. When combined with other materials such as colored crystals, rutilated quartz, citrine and others its especially adaptive and resonates closely with other stones.

These puffy Rose Quartz Hearts have a soft pink texture and are known as the ultimate stone of love. They help to achieve deep healing as well as support all kinds of love. It is a stone of kindness and compassion and can help with forgiveness as well. It is tied to motherhood and feminine power and an important crystal for healing the heart. ©HSP

Remarks: This product will be randomly selected from our batch. This includes 1 rose heart.