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Rose Quartz Pyramid 粉水晶金字塔

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  • 增強個人魅力
  • 提升自信心和同理心
  • 改善人際關係
  • 療癒內心的傷痕

Dimension : L:4.8cm x W:4.8cm x H:3.9cm

Rose Quartz Pyramid

With its strong vibration in love and nurturing, rose quartz is an easy-to-use and wonderful stone for attracting new relationships and healing wounds in the past. Madagascar rose quartz has a pastel pink colour and is known as the ultimate stone of love. It has powerful energy in transmitting love intentions into the environment which makes it a popular crystal to keep at home or use for meditation. 

Rose quartz is tied to feminine power and an important crystal for healing the soul and heart which makes it a great companion for mothers or mothers-to-be.

The Rose Quartz Pyramid is a great tool that can be used in the center of a crystal grid. The edge of it allows energy to flow out with power & the ground of the pyramid provides a strong and solid structure for grounding and stabilization. ©HSP

Dimension : L:4.8cm x W:4.8cm x H:3.9cm