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Silver Sheen Obsidian Heart 銀曜石心

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銀曜石跟黑曜石同樣是由火山爆發中所噴出的熔岩經冷卻而成的玻璃狀水晶,銀曜石在形成的時候剛好出現了銀礦石的成分,經過打磨後光線的折射下,出現銀白色的貓眼效果,這種光暈效果,對應頭頂頂方上的第八脈輪(Soul Star),與宇宙的智慧、無限能量的連接和個人靈魂的藍圖有關。Soul Star 使人在靈性、情緒和身體各層面上的能量得以平衡,有助人以平靜的心境去了解自己的生命責任、自己的力量和人生的價值,從而回復自信,找出人生的新方向。



  • 防禦性很強大的水晶,辟邪鎮宅
  • 消除負能量和惡意攻擊
  • 加強靈性的連結
  • 使人情緒穩定,增強自信心
  • 增強財運

Dimensions: L:7.5cm x W:3.8cm x H:7.2cm


Silver Sheen Obsidian Heart 

Silver Sheen Obsidian is a unique lava stone and is visually very beautiful. This obsidian has a distinctive silver gray sheen which is the result of small inclusions of water vapor bubbles which are trapped inside and when reflecting light shines on the obsidian it gives its unique appearance.  

It is related to the 8th Chakra known as the 'Soul Star' which is located above the head and also the gateway to spiritual growth and a higher consciousness. It helps cleanse and make our aura more vibrant and illuminates our path to help guide us towards spiritual enlightenment.

Silver sheen obisidian is a powerful defense crystal to ward off evil spirits. It can aid you in dealing with difficult situations, make you grounded, reflect on yourself and improve your self-control.

It can also provides grounding and emotional healing.  It helps us be more compassionate towards others and help us to think and plan things more effectively. It can help us achieve our long term aspirations and will help us work closer towards these every day. ©HSP

Dimensions: L:7.5cm x W:3.8cm x H:7.2cm

Complimentary stand will be included.

Silver Sheen Obsidian Heart 銀曜石心
Silver Sheen Obsidian Heart 銀曜石心 Sale priceHK$410.00