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Small Bloodstone Heart 小血石心

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  • 增強擁有者的自信心和散發熱情的氣質
  • 增強體力和衝勁
  • 演出或比賽中,可增強鬥心和勇氣,帶來好運
  • 在中西文化中,都屬於可僻邪和保平安的石頭,可跟身作為護身符
  • 改善血氣不足和新陳代謝
  • 適合經常需要體力和爆炸力的人士

Dimensions: L:4cm x W:2cm x H:4cm

Small Bloodstone Heart

Bloodstone is another unique stone and is associated usually with a dark green color with patches of crimson red.

Also known as Heliotrope it is a stone said to bring health and long life in particular strengthen the immune system to fight off bacteria and diseases. It can also help heal the mind and relieve stress for people in new environments so you may want to bring it with you when you are on the move. It is also a strong stone for women aiding in birth, reproduction and improving blood flow and fighting off blood related diseases. In Feng Shui it is also said to help ward off evil spirits and helps energize the aura of energy in the stone's owner.

Bloodstone is a beautiful gem and can also be carried and used for meditation. It helps clarify mindfulness and strengthens the association between the mind, body and spirit. It is associated with the Root and Heart Chakra and brings vitality to provide more harmony to you.

We hope you enjoy these bloodstones and hope they can help in your spiritual. They are well suited to be placed on a study desk and in feng shui can also help aid in removing and roadblocks you face. ©HSP

Dimensions: L:4cm x W:2cm x H:4cm

Small Bloodstone Heart  小血石心
Small Bloodstone Heart 小血石心 Sale priceHK$190.00