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Sphalerite Tower 黑閃鋅礦柱

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  • 增強自信心
  • 有正向能力,為擁有者帶來勇氣
  • 保護家宅平安,防禦負面能量
  • 幫助釐清前路,增強決斷力

Sphalerite Tower 

Sphalerite comes from the Greek word 'Sphaleros' which means misleading.  Sphalerite is often confused with other crystals as it can take on a wide range of appearances and is variable in color and appearance which makes it sometimes hard to identify. It is strongly connected to the energies of the earth and can help balance mental or spiritual overstimulation. This physically energizing stone can help us balance an overactive mind and help overcome intrusive or defeating thoughts.

Black sphalerite is useful for balancing energy and helps clear the mind. It is also a protection stone and has protective power and can help block out negative energy. It can help boost self-confidence and spark creativity as well as strengthen intuition. This sphalerite tower has distinctive colors which make it an easy match to compliment most surroundings. It helps clear the mind and ground the energy around you which prevents exhaustion and fatigue. A great stone for setting positive intention and show you higher clarity of your path. ©HSP