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Strawberry Quartz Bowl 草莓晶碗

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草莓晶的能量強烈,有效為四周的人帶來歡樂和滿足的感覺,使人與人之間的關係變和睦,因此亦被稱為’Stone of Joy’,長期接觸可以令人思想變得正面樂觀,減輕焦慮和不安情緒。



  • 提升自信心和個人魅力,改善人際關係
  • 人事暢通,有助生意和財運
  • 增強愛與被愛的能量
  • 有助打開心房,讓人接受新事物
  • 使四周的人感到快樂,減輕壓力和調和緊張情緒
  • 經常接觸,有助改善心血管和皮膚健康

Diameter: 12.3cm x H:5.5cm

Strawberry Quartz Bowl

Strawberry Quartz color is derived from quartz that is in the range of pale pink to red colors. The intensity of the red shades is related to the number of mineral inclusions in each gem, hence providing a hue of different red and pink shades. The red mark inclusions can give it a strawberry like appearance.

Strawberry Quartz is associated with love, vitality and passion and helps to bring each of these positive energies into your life. It is related to the heart, crown and root chakras and can help with emotional disorders, depression, or anxiety. It is also known as a healing and protector stone and can be used for meditation, grounding and protecting the owner from negative energies. It also helps clear the mind allowing you to have inner balance of your emotions and its positive energies can help with manifesting wealth and prosperity.©HSP

Diameter: 12.3cm x H:5.5cm

Strawberry Quartz Bowl 草莓晶碗
Strawberry Quartz Bowl 草莓晶碗 Sale priceHK$630.00